sidecar characteristics
Extremely robust and well thought-out sidecar consisting of a polyester body on a flat welded steel frame. The sidecar is fitted with a comfortable bucket seat and has a big (200 liter) luggage compartment that can be reached (and locked) from the rear (no need for the  passenger(s) to get out in the rain when the driver has to get the rain gear).

Versions for 2 or 3 passengers (children) available, sacrificing some 50 ltr luggage space (you guessed it: these versions were designated
P2 and P3).
Click here for a comparison of the sizes and main features of Moturist P1 with those of several of it's contemporaries.
Moturist P3 - photograph: weekblad MOTOR, 16-11-1979
Moturist P3
The frame is made of heavy gauge steel box girders. The huge triangular swing arm is supported over the full width of the frame by two self-adjusting ball bearing blocks that are bolted to the left- and right girder. The swing arm is fitted with adjustable torsion bar suspension, and an adjustable Koni gas/oil shock absorber. The swing arm travel is adjustable from 30 to 100 mms. A hydraulically operated disc brake was optional (but highly recommended), the wheel size is 125 x 12.

Total sidecar weight is 105 kg.

This sidecar was guaranteed to any attainable speed!
Moturist frame - photgraph: weekblad MOTOR, 23-11-1979
The flat heavy duty frame can accommodate many body types. Check out that huge swing arm!
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