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Toe in:
(of the sidecar wheel, towards the motorcycle, measured at the front of the front wheel tyre and the rear of the rear wheel tyre) for a motorcycle on diagonal tyres the formula is:

lead in cm's X  2 = toe in in mm's

For a motorcycle on radial tyres this is:

lead in cm's = toe in in mm's

Here too, a margin 10% is acceptable.

Ed Pols developed his own formula for the key measurements of motorcycle-sidecar geometry. Universal rules of thumb that are very handy, especially when mounting the sidecar for the first time. The standard measurements are calculated as follows:

(centre of sidecarwheel to centre of rear wheel, measured parallel to the longitudinal axis of the motorcycle) dry mass of the motorcycle in kilograms = lead in milimeters (for example: when the dry mass of the bike is 220 kg's, the sidecar wheel lead should be 220 mm's). A 10% margin is acceptable.
Lean out of motorcycle:
on diagonal tyres 2-5
on radial tyres 0-3

as narrow as possible

Sidecar position :
horizontal in all directions (measured on an unloaded rig, standing normally on it's wheels).
The sidecar wheel is not positioned next to, but forward of the rear wheel. The distance between the wheel axles is called "lead".
The sidecar wheel does not point straight forward, but slightly towards the front wheel. The difference between the measurements "A" and "B" is called "toe in".
lean out
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