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Jaap Luyten's
Jaap Luyten
BMW R100/7 - Moturist © Jaap Luyten
Jaap Luyten who lives in the Dutch town Hoogeveen may justly be counted among the Grand Tourists: he rode his BMW - Moturist combination for over 400,000 km. It goes without saying that through the years his rig was subject to a whole series of modifications.
Jaap Luyten
Jaap Luyten's BMW R100/7 - Moturist "P3", ca. 1989
Moturist sidecar registration © 1979 - Jaap Luyten
Jaap Luyten’s Moturist History:

In 1979, when Jaap Luyten still lived in Amsterdam, he bought a Moturist sidecar (frame # MT 78019) from Ed Pols for about NLG 4000,= (approx. US$ 2000 at the time). At first he used it with a single bucket seat, as he only carried his wife, baby and dog (!). Later he installed two additional home-made bucket seats, so the sidecar could seat three children. The hack was now effectively converted into a P3 (but with large luggage room). He constructed large Plexiglas side-screens fitted into an aluminium frame, and a leatherette canopy.

Because the rig was his only means of transport, Jaap installed a heating devise for the winter months. This consisted of two large flannel blankets into which he had stitched 12 V resistor wires that could be plugged into a little dashboard. This worked very well, it generated sufficient warmth to heat the rig to about 20° C, warm enough for winter travelling with the children.
Sidecar registration , framenumber MT 78019
BMW R100/7 - Moturist © Jaap Luyten Jaap had the entire combination spray-painted in one colour, a type of brown that was used on the DAF 66 (a little Dutch car- ed.) of those days. Before long his motorcycle friends awarded his rig the nickname “Vlaflip” (a typical Dutch desert mainly consisting of chocolate- and vanilla pudding – ed.). At first the hack was attached to a BMW R60/6 that Jaap had bought new in 1974. To increase the available amount of power the 600 cc engine was exchanged for an R100/7 engine. The gearbox was also swapped for one from an R100/7, only the final drive assembly remained one from the /6 series. Jaap rode this combination for over 400.000 km (250.000 mile), which can be called spectacular, especially for those days!

At first Jaap used Metzler Blok K tires which were especially made for sidecar use. Later he acquired EML 15” wheels, because the Metzler tires really wore away very quickly. These new wheels could be fitted with much longer lasting car tires (Citroën Diana).
All kids love a "Vlaflip"  like this (ca. 1989)
Around 1981 Jaap – with the help of a careless motorist - totalled the combination. He got a frame with registration papers from his BMW dealer (Ruud Ottenhoff in Amsterdam). With this he rebuild the entire combination, fortunately the hack was undamaged. The “new” rig had to be re-inspected and received a new registration.

Jaap still owns the combination, although it is now “retired”. Presently he rides an EML/GL 1500 combination, which is of course incomparable to the sidecar riding of those former days. But then, Jaap writes, one grows a little older…….
BMW R100/7 - Moturist © Jaap Luyten
Guzzi 1000 - Moturist © 1981 - Jaap Luyten
Looks like she could take of anytime (ca. 1989)
This picture clearly shows how Jaap constructed the side windows in an aluminium frame (the sidecar was temporarily mounted to a Moto Guzzi, ca. 1981).
Photographs © Jaap Luyten
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