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Moto Guzzi
Nuovo Falcone
Moto Guzzi Nuovo Falcone, September 22, 2003
This is how it looked when I bought it in September, 2003
Moto Guzzi Nuovo Falcone l-h front Elron on my Moto Guzzi Nuovo Falcone
Moto Guzzi Nuovo Falcone speedo
Moto Guzzi Nuovo Falcone engine l-h
Click the pictures for a larger view
Moto Guzzi Nuovo Falcone engine r-h
Moto Guzzi Nuovo Falcone, original tail light & pilion seat
Moto Guzzi Nuovo Falcone front brake
My Moto Guzzi Nuovo Falcone, May 5, 2004
My Moto Guzzi N-F on May 5th, 2004
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Single-cylinder fourstroke
88mm x 82mm (b x s)
20 kW @ 4,800rpm
6.85:1 compression ratio
29mm Dell'Orto VHB carburettor

Weight: 215kg
Wheelbase: 1450mm
Top speed: 125 km/h
and how it looks now (August 2008)
Modifications and improvements:



benzine filter


Being sick of cleaning the float chamber every 5000 km or so, I placed a fuel filter between tank and carburetor. Also I treated ths fuel tank with "Tank Cure", which leaves an epoxy coating in the tank, thus preventing the formation of rust and other corrosion.

NF oliefilter 1

Not only fuel, but also the oil can do with some cleaning. There are several ways in which an oil filter can be placed in the lubrication system. I opted for a ready-made filter set, which is produced in Germany by Gert Holzdeppe. It is a neat set, complete with oil-leads, banjo bolts, and other custom parts. The installation is simple and only takes about fifteen minutes.


NF oliefilter 2

The filter set includes an oil lead to the cylinder head, to improve the lubrication of the intake valve.






NF oliepomp 1


NF oliepomp

NF oliepomptandwielen A flaw of the Nuovo Falcone is the rather under-sized oil pump. Especially after the installation of the additional oil filter and cylinder head oil lead, the lubrication system can do with a boost. Often an adapted V7 oil pump is fitted, but I chose a custom pump. As you can see, the gears are around 30% wider than original, so the pump yield improved by approximately 1/3.


NF oliepomp


NF oliepomp

In reply to a message from Mick in Australia (whom I can't reach by email) I add this:
This oil pump was one of one-time batch, custom made by two guys of the dutch Moto Guzzi club. They needed oil pumps for their own bikes and decided that, once they had the CNC machines programmed, they could just as well make a whole batch. They are sold out now and as far as I know they are not planning to build them any more. But I'll ask, they might be willing to make another batch if there's sufficient demand, you never know!

There are some German Guzzi specialists who sometimes offer custom made NF oil pumps; you could keep an eye on, and

Another method is to adapt a V7 pump. Grind down the support axle stub of the first pump gear, either completely or leave a few milimetres and add a base plate that acts as a support bearing, as Henk Klein Hesselink did (see pic).

The V7 pump has the wider gears that served as example for the gears used in the pump that I installed, i.e. about 30% increase of yield.

Mick, I hope this was of some help.

V7 to NF oilpump conversion by Henk Klein Hesselink

I replaced the "lunchbox" aircleaner by a K & N unit, mainly for cosmetic reasons. However the big single also seems to breathe slightly easier now. The carburetor neaded some tweaking and the idle jet no. 45 was replaced by one no. 53.
Click for a larger view Click for a larger view
I made this simple luggage rack to carry a pair of old leather panniers that I happened to save from an old URAL that I owned in the 1970s.
On the long run the connections in the switch unit are not upto their task. The high currents and sparks cause the internals to overheat, burn and soldered connections to completely melt. The tension on the headlight terminals gets way to low (less than 7.5 V in my bike), which obviously causes loss of light emission. I corrected this problem by switching the headlight through a pair of relays.
The rear springs and shock absorbers were replaced by Hagon units. The rear wheel now has stainless steel rim and spokes.

In the front fork I replaced the springs by a pair of progressive Wirth springs, which considerably improved handling and cornering on bumpy roads.
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