Previously published in “Motorsport”, no 2 – 1978
English translation: Gerard Geertjes
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Looks just like an ordinary Moturist sidecar
Moturist sidecar afloat
Moturist sidecar afloat
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Control levers
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Ed Pols
Just imagine riding by an open pond in the dead of winter and discovering a sidecar box floating around on it, would you believe your eyes? There are even two people sitting in it, and instead of anxious cries for help, you hear the murmur of a small Yamaha outboard engine that gently propels the outfit across the surface. The sidecar as a boat. Formerly such ideas were only expected to arise in England. But if anything special happens in the area of sidecars nowadays, there can only be one man behind it: Ed Pols from Amsterdam, the high priest of motorcycle grand tourism. At the last RAI exhibition (the major Dutch yearly motorcycle exhibition, ed.) he presented the prototype of his Moturist sidecar as a folding camper. This RAI will bring the world scoop of a sailing Moturist sidecar body. And what’s more, any existing Moturist sidecar – there are more than 60 of them on the road by now – needs only minor adaptations to be used as a fishing boat. We from ‘Motorsport’ considered this such a tremendous stunt that we gladly reserved our front page for this motorcycle product ‘Made in Holland’.
"Actually there really isn't anything out of the ordinary to be seen ....... we can’t help it that the stock Moturist body floats so well. However it can be distinguished from a standard Moturist by the presence of engine- and rudder controls"
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This is a unique picture of the first trip with a 2hp Yamaha o.b. engine, no outrigger floats and fender still in place
"WATERTOUR" Ed Plons: "FUN" is the word!