Paul Wesseler, who lives in the ancient Dutch town Deventer, owns a Moturist P3. According to Paul it is one of only two P3s ever produced. First it was coupled to a Moto Guzzi V7Special, later he hitched it to a Moto Guzzi I-Convert.

In the course of many years of intensive use, the sidecar was conciderably modified and adapted to the changes in Paul's needs.

The seat arrangement evolved from three in a row to one single seat. Side windows were added and a luggage board (that doubles as a spoiler when not loaded) was installed on top of the trunk.
 Paul Wesseler
Paul does not exclusively ride his Moturist combination on paved roads, as is documented here.
A Belgian adventure
At the Jumbo Run
Paul likes to participate in "Jumbo Runs", annual events where hundreds of children with disabilities or special needs are treated to a special day out in a motorcycle combination.
 Paul Wesseler
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