Honda Goldwing - Moturist P1 combination
untill recently owned by Wim van Eijk
Honda GL 1100, built in 1982.

Front wheel, seat and panniers are from a 1200, for the rest it is a naked bike. The original front fork was not adapted for sidecar use. Wim bought the outfit from Jos van Loon in Leidschendam.
GL 1100 - Moturist right  Wim van Eijk
GL1100 - Moturist left  Wim van Eijk
After a restoration, Wim eventually sold the outfit because he preferres a 2 passenger hack, however he didn't find one yet in his price class.

Maybe somebody is selling a P2 or P3?
GL 1100 - Moturist right rear  Wim van Eijk
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Honda Goldwing - Moturist left rear  Wim van Eijk
Wim is member of an informal club of sidecar enthusiasts  who enjoy taking their kids for a ride.
Click here for some pics of one of those outings.
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