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After 21 years my good old Guzzi  needs a total overhaul. In October  2002 the combination was in a truly  abominable state. Besides rust on  most plated and painted parts on the  entire bike, the following defects -  from top to bottom, front to rear and  left to right - can be found:
oil temperature meter housing broken  off
seat: cover torn and deep cut in  polyether inner
stearing damper bracket broken
starter motor doesn't work
gunk in tank & carburettors
engine has no compression
main bearing oilseal leaky
clutch sticks
front tire rotten
front brakes stick
final drive oilseal leaky
rear tire flat
exhaust rusted through
sidecar fender torn
battery rotten
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Furthermore, the flexible brake lines  need replacement, and the entire  brake system needs to be overhauled.  The paint on tank, side covers and  mudguards is damaged and faded, so  these parts need to a new coat of  spray paint (colour??). The sidecar  body is dusty but OK, but it is plain  black and I want to repaint it in the  same colour as the bike. The paint on  the bike frame is fair, but in need  of some tough-ups, the swing arm and  centre stand will be powder coated.  The sidecar frame, and the cadmium  coated parts of the sidecar rigging  need powder coating as well. The  rear- and sidecar shock absorbers  need a fresh coat of paint.  Practically all plated parts are  corroded, some may clean up with a  good polishing, others will need re- plating or replacement. Much of the  aluminium of engine, gearbox and  final drive has ugly white spots and  stains, maybe these can be removed  with a wire brush or sandpaper, maybe  I will have them particle-blasted, I  still need to decide.
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Klik om deze triestigheid nog beter te bekijken
Now that I'm at it, I would like to  reduce the width of the rig by about  80 mm and improve some of the sidecar  mountings (everything is well  fastened, but not always very  elegantly). I will replace the  original panniers with leather "NATO"  saddlebags, so the luggage racks will  be adapted accordingly. Most  important are obviously the overhaul  of engine and clutch. I'm not sure  whether I'll do that myself (fun to  do and saves money), or have it done  (saves time). Maybe I can work out  some intermediate solution with a  friendly Guzzi dealer.
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