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Saroléa 36A Saroléa choke handle Saroléa 36A engine
Saroléa 36A lefthand side Early June 2010 I bought this Saroléa 36A, 350 cc SV 1936. For years I kept my eyes open for a handsome pre-war Saroléa, especially as my father once owned a machine of that famous Belgian brand. Good pre-war Saroleas are scarce in northern Netherlands and when I came across this little machine for sale, I quickly decided to it.
The bike is in decent shape, looks good, but is not completely correct. The manual control of the four speed gearbox is rather puzzling. Until 1936, the Type A was equipped with a manual three-speed box, from '36 on it had a foot-operated four-speed gearbox. The headlight and exhaust are not original. Furthermore, the machine has no brake light or horn, making participation in modern traffic rather doubtful.
There are some mechanical problems as well: the compression is poor and the clutch sticks, which currently renders the machine very difficult to ride.
It is my intention to use this page as some sort of blog of my effords to refurbish this motorbike, which will probably develop according to the principle "learning by doing".
Some data:

engine:        1 cylinder - fourstroke
displacement:    349 cc
bore x stroke:    75 x 79 mm
compression:    4.75 : 1
valve control:    side valves
power:        9 Bhp at 4,200 rpm
carburetor:    AMAL 74/022
ignition:    battery & coil
advance:    hand operated
gears:        Saroléa 4 speed gear box
clutch:        multiple plates, wet
electr. inst.:    6 Volt

fuel tank:    13 litres
oil tank:    1.6 liter
weight, empty:  125 kg
tyres:          26 x 3.50
wheel base:     1.37 m

Some maintenance data:

tappet clearance:       
    inlet:   0.05 mm
    exhaust: 0.10 mm
ignition timing:
    8 deg. or 0.5 mm before TDP static ignition              (fully retarded)
Saroléa 36A
Saroléa 36a tool box Saroléa 36A tank
engine number engine number saddle
shift mechanism carb right hand view carb left hand view
lacking foot shift mechanism carburetor, seen from right and left hand side
after I cleaned up the wiring, kick starting the engine is a cinch
brake light switch Bosch tail light LED lamp by Beck Elektronika
Unfortunately I lost the original taillight during my very first tour on this machine. For now I replaced it with a Bosch reproduction, which is quite similar to the original. To participate in modern traffic with reasonable safety, I installed a brake light using a LED lamp by Beck Elektronika, which gives good illumination at a very low power consumption.
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© 2010 Gerard Geertjes