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Moturist Site Updates:


September 4: pictures and video clips of the Moto Club Netherlands' Classics Camping Weekend
June 14: new pictures added to the Picture Gallery
June 10: added page "my Saroléa 36A", pictures, information and some Saroléa links
April 6: added "
Israel 1983", a photo report of our journey to Israel in 1983
January - March continued site maintenance and makeover.
Pages added and/or re-written:
Travels & rallies, a collection of (photo)reports of journeys with my Moturist outfit or one of my other Moto Guzzi's
Classics Events, a collection of (photo)reports of classic (motorcycle) events that I visited

December 10: Start of a total make-over of the Moturist site, intended to improve the consistency and navigability of the                site.
           The new look of this page is one of the first results.
           Added, as part of the update: Contact Page
November 3: added: pictures of the Moto Guzzi Club Netherland's Classics Camping Weekend 2009
eptember 27: page added: "Mounting", some pictures that were taken when I mounted the sidecar to mij Cali II in 1983.

June 11: "The MOTURIST formula" Ed Pols' rule of thumb key measurements in sidecar geometry.
June 5: new link:
March 4: new pictures in the Picture Gallery

December 4: added new page "Travels", pictures of my journeys with my Moto Guzzi - Moturist rig.
October 13: added new page: my (poor) Moto Guzzi Galletto 192
October 8: new add on pinboard
October 7: added new page: My Moto Guzzi Superalce
April 30: general site maintenance, link page updated, link added:

Aug 27: general maintenance, links added on my Moto Guzzi Nuovo Falcone page


Sept 6: Added new link: my Moto Guzzi V7 850 California, general site maintenance.
June 13: New add on pinboard
April 25: New add on pinboard.
April 18:
My Moto Guzzi Nuovo Falcone page updated.
Feb 27: General site maintenance, broken links fixed
Feb 15: Pinboard updated, new picture added to the Picture Gallery

Dec 30:  5 new pictures in the Picture Gallery
Nov 17:  Added new
link: my Moto Guzzi Nuovo Falcone; Pinboard updated
Nov  11: New page "
Publications" now online
Nov 10: New pictures added to the
Picture Gallery
Nov 6:   Picture added to the
Picture Gallery; Pinboard updated: Moto Guzzi Cali II - Moturist P1 for sale
Nov 4:   New page on
Moturist type AS now online, "Types" page updated
Oct 30:  New pictures added to Ed Pols' page
Oct 28:  Unique picture added of the first
Moturist boating trip
Oct 24:  Pictures added to the
Picture Gallery
Oct 23: 
Links page updated
Oct 22:  Maintenance and minor corrections. Now online: English page on the
restoration of my own Moto Guzzi California II - Moturist P1 combination.
Oct 21:  Update pinboard. General maintenance / links repaired.
Sep 9:   Update pinboard Honda Africa Twin - Moturist P1 for sale
Aug 22: Update Marcel Sieling
owner's page
Aug 4:   Update
May 14: General maintenance, broken links fixed
May 13:
Guestbook added
May 9:   New material on the Sailing Moturist Sidecar now online, some broken links fixed or removed
May 8:   A begin was made with the History of the Moturist Sidecar page, pictures of the proto-Moturist are online
Apr 28:  Picture added to
Ed's page, new page Ed & Netty at Zandvoort circuit added.
Mar 13: Ed's sidecar heater page updated.
Mar 12: Pictures & plans added to
Camper page.
Mar 11: Camper sidecar page updated, many new pictures!
Mar 10: New pictures added to Ed's page
Jan 23: Link added
Jan 14: Link MOTOR-FORUM.NL added.


Dec 28: The site is Add-FREE!
Dec 27: Wim van Eijk's GL1100 - Moturist P1
owner's page added
Dec 19:
Picture gallery updated. Added: Ed's sidecar heater.
Dec 17:
Pinboard added. New pics in the picture gallery.
Dec 16: Added
table of sizes & features of Moturist P1 and some contemporaries.
Dec 13: Added:
Jaap Luyten's owners' page .
Dec 9:   Page "
Camper Sidecar" added.
Dec 7:  updated: Marcel Sieling's
owners' page
Dec 4:  All owner's pages now in English & in Dutch.

Nov 15:
Dutch language version online.
Nov 13: articlel "
Motor op LPG" added
Nov 11: added article
"Sidecar Sailing", improved link pages
Nov 9:
link "Guzziresi" added, "Ed Pols" page improved.
Nov 8:
Paul Wesseler's owners' pages & article "Zijspankoppel" were added.
Nov 6:
"Ed Pols" page was improved (picture, links & background added).
Nov 5:
Moturist Picture Gallery & several other sidecar & motorcycle (Moto Guzzi) links were added
Nov 4: added: owners' page of
Marcel Sieling; and a Moturist link
Nov 1: added text; improved site organisation

Oct 31:
link added
Oct 15: some
Other Sidecar Links were added.
Oct 9: added page "
modifications" to Moto Guzzi Cali II - Moturist P1
Oct 8: streamlined the lay-out of some pages (I hope), added some backgrounds
Oct 4: some
Moturist Links and Other Sidecar Links were added
Oct 3: added: articles "Long Distance Riding Impression of Ed Pols’ Personal Rig" (
English). Article “En toen was er sneeuw” added.
Oct 2: added:
Moturist owners’ pages and pictures of Eric Wouters’ Moturist AS
Oct 1: page “
Characteristics” was added

Sept 30: added article “
Road Side Repairs” (in Dutch & English)
Sept 29: added article
Kawa 1300 – Moturist (in Dutch)
Sept 27: added
My Moto Guzzi Cali II - Moturist page
Sept 26: pages “
Ed Pols” and “Moturist Types” were added
Sept 25: site created

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